You're about to read the story...

...of how I discovered a secret performance weapon that harnesses the power of piezoelectricity to make you perform better, recover faster, sleep more deeply and think more clearly - and learn how you can try it too. Let's jump right in.

Perhaps you've had this happen to you before...

Perhaps you've had this happen to you before...'re at a health expo, a fair or a convention, and somebody suddenly pops out from a booth with a "magical bracelet".

My name is Ben Greenfield, and as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and human performance coach, I've been to a good number of fitness events, and I've certainly had this happen to me.

And the story is always the same: I put on the bracelet, do the special muscle or balance testing and suddenly I notice...



That's right, nothing.

From magnets to titanium to holograms, I never noticed any difference at all in performance, strength, balance, health or anything else.

And yet at some point in your life, you have probably also been hounded by wristband salespersons eagerly attempting to conduct muscle tests on you to verify that their magical wristband is going to turn you into some kind of a superhero, marketing their wares as:

“Power Bracelets”
“Hologram Bracelets”
"Magnet Bracelets”
“Performance Jewelry”

...and the list goes on and on.

Now I don't care what they're named - as a trained exercise physiologist and naturally skeptical guy, my BS meter was pretty sky-high on all of these contraptions.

Until One Day...

Until One Day...

I got a necklace in the mail from one of my friends who wanted me to "check it out".

That's right...a necklace.

It was a funny shaped contraption that had a tiny disc embedded in it. So I took it on a bike ride. And strangely enough, it turned into a complete smash-fest. It was one of the best rides of my life.

That night, I kept the necklace on, and I slept like a baby.

The next day, I went for a swim and a run, still wearing the necklace, and once again, performed like a champion. And on top of that, I was actually thinking more clearly in a weird, mentally enhanced kind-of-way.

Something was definitely happening here.

But there was a slight problem.

Necklaces don't really work that well for me.

I found that when I was biking, it would bounce up and hit me in the teeth. When I was running, the same thing would happen. And let's face it - pendants hanging from around your neck just aren't very streamlined when you're swimming.

So despite the fact that I was performing better, recovering faster, sleeping more soundly, and even thinking more clearly, I wasn't convinced that I could conveniently wear this thing for the rest of my life.

And convenience is a big factor for me if I'm going to use something like this long term.

So I Made A Phone Call...

So I Made A Phone Call...

I literally got on the line with the inventor of this necklace, who lived (of all places) in Scotland.

And I explained my conundrum: how unlike any of these other so-called "performance jewelry" contraptions, this necklace was actually getting me better results...but it was a freaking necklace!

Then I went out on a limb, threw an idea his way, and asked... there any possible way I could perhaps get this same technology embedded into a wristband?


He said yes.

And within a month, I had the first ever "trial version" of a performance-enhancing piezoelectric wristband sitting on my desk.

Not wanting to take any chances with something that couldn't hold up to the rigors of physical activity, I put this thing through the ringer...

...taking it on gnarly trail runs, choppy open water swims, monster weight training sessions at the gym, tennis matches, basketball games, and of course, wrestling and boxing with my twin boys.

Each time I tested the wristband, I found a few small tweaks that could be made to get it more durable and more versatile for as many activities as possible. So I just kept revising that original wristband design over and over again, until the final product was ready for anything, from triathlon to extreme sports to everyday physical activity...

The final result is perfect - exactly what I need for a performance-enhancing wristband that I can wear all day long and subject to anything.

It's called the "Superhuman Encoder", and it includes:

  • Highly durable surgical grade silicone
  • Quartz crystal piezoelectric embedded ceramic disc
  • Jet black, sleek design
  • Adjustable for any wrist size with secure fasteners
  • No batteries and no need for charging

You can get The Encoder right now with zero risk and a 100% money back guarantee, or keep reading for "the science" of how it works...

You can get The Encoder right now with zero risk and a 100% money back guarantee, or keep reading for

Yes, you probably noticed it comes with something else too (that little bottle), and we'll get into that in just a second...or you can...

Wait A Minute!

Wait A Minute!

I know what you're does this thing actually work, how is it different than any of those other "performance jewelry" devices out there, and why the heck is it called the "Encoder"?

I'm going explain this in a relatively easy-to-understand way.

Way back in the 1880's, there were these geeky scientist brothers named Pierre Curie and Jacques Curie. While playing around in their lab, they discovered that there are some kinds of crystals that have the capacity to become electrically charged when they're exposed any form of physical stress or strain.

The kinds of crystals that can take on this kind of energy in response to a physical stimulus include topaz, quartz (pictured above, some weird rock called tourmaline, salt, and even cane sugar.

The cool thing is that when you subject these crystals to energy, then they can store that energy and release it at a later time. Kind of like when you eat a bunch of food, store it, but then use that food energy later on to go for a run, do some push-ups, or maybe just get really hyper.

The Curie brothers called this the "Piezoelectric Effect".

The Curie brothers called this the

The "Piezoelectric Effect" goes like this...

A piezoelectric piece of material (like the disc pictured above) generates a tiny voltage when deformed. A device like this can actually “scavenge and store” energy when it is exposed to anything that changes its shape just slightly...even something as small as vibrations from sound waves!

And there's examples of piezoelectricity all over the place.

For example, if you use an electric lighter to fire up your barbecue grill, that lighter uses piezoelectricity. When you press the button of an electric lighter, a spring loaded hammer strikes a built-in piezoelectric material and produces a quick burst of voltage which ignites the gas.

But don't worry, your arm isn't going to start on fire when you're wearing the Encoder. Instead, the wristband generates just a very slight frequency - specifically the frequency range that puts you into your focused "Alpha brain wave" zone (you geeks out there may know this as about the 10Hz frequency range).

What else?

-Many stoves and grills come with in-built piezoelectric crystals...

-Piezoelectric transformers are a significant source of power generation...

-Ultrasonic transducers (used for medical imaging) use the piezoelectric effect...

-Piezoelectric sensors have become popular in acoustic guitars and other equipment...

-Crystals with piezeoelectricity are used in detection and generation of sound waves...

-Loudspeakers, piezoelectric motors, microscopes and ink jet printers are some other devices where this effect is used....

And recently, engineers at the University of Michigan have perfected a piezoelectric device that can harness vibrations and convert them into electricity at 5 to 10 times the efficiency and power output than anything else this size - and it fits, with room to spare, on a penny!

So by using the principles of piezoelectricity, the Encoder wristband, with it's embedded quartz crystal, literally stores and releases energy - and is specifically tuned to store and release vibratory frequencies in the 10Hz alpha brainwave, which is commonly referred to as a peak performance state of mind, or “The Zone" - where your body and mind are in a state of constant cohesion and relaxed focus.

So How Is This Any Different Than Anything Else Out There?

So How Is This Any Different Than Anything Else Out There?

Most of the other wristbands are either hologram, "negative ion", or magnet based. None of those type of things can store or release energy. But the Encoder is different.

It is the first and only device to have adapted piezoelectric technology for the direct purposes of enhancing human performance.

Think about it this way:

Every fraction of a second, your brain’s chemicals (called neurotransmitters) decide which parts of the human body to send energy to. These are critical decisions, and they’re reached by means of a continuous flow of hundreds of thousands of electrical impulses or vibratory frequencies. So the Encoder serves, almost like an antenna, to coordinate this system of frequency communication, to overcome negative vibrational barriers that impede your performance and to help your body operate in vibrational harmony.

When This Happens, You Feel...

  • Better balance when you're doing anything like standing on one leg, trying to stabilize your body, running, or playing sports.
  • Enhanced mental focus and a feeling of being "In The Zone", whether you're working out or thinking hard.
  • Less brain fuzziness or fatigue from external vibration frequencies from electromagnetic pollution, like cell phones, computers, microwaves and overhead power lines.
  • Deeper, more relaxed sleep with a feeling of better restfulness and more energy when you get out of bed in the morning.

And yes, in case you were wondering, you can wear the Encoder 24-7, you never have to recharge it since it's powered by vibrations from your own movement, and it comes with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

What People Are Saying...

And what about that little bottle of drops that come with your Encoder?

And what about that little bottle of drops that come with your Encoder?

They're called the "Entrainer Drops", and here's why they're included: we wanted to amplify the effects of the Encoder.

I mean, don't get me wrong - the Encoder works fabulously, but I wanted to see if I could squeeze every bit of benefit out of the piezoelectric vibratory effect of the quartz crystal in the wristband.

So what I did was get the same vibratory frequencies embedded into the Encoder also embedded into pure, natural drops of water. It's been known in science for the past decade that when you expose water to sound or vibratory frequencies that the individual water molecules will retain those exact vibrations.

This phenomenon is called the "Memory of Water", and you can find entire books written on this. In case you care to dig into this more, two leading scientists in this field are Dr. Gerald Pollack and Masaru Emoto, and a really good documentary film on this concept is called "What the Bleep Do We Know!?"

While the Encoder works just fine without the Entrainer Drops, when you shake just 2-3 Drops into a daily glass of water, you notice an even more significant difference in your energy level...

...and I don't know about you, but for me that's incredibly important when I'm training for Ironman triathlon, lifting weights, playing tennis, learning guitar, caring for twin boys, running a business, freelance writing and getting every last ounce of energy out of my body and brain.

It Really Is That Easy...You Wear The Encoder, You Use The Entrainer Drops, And You Feel Like A Million Bucks.

It Really Is That Easy...You Wear The Encoder, You Use The Entrainer Drops, And You Feel Like A Million Bucks.

There's a 100% money-back guarantee when you get your Encoder and Entrainer Drops, so there's zero risk involved. So wear it, see how it affects your strength, endurance, balance, sleep and focus, and then just send it back if you'd like!

Pain reduction, deep sleep, better balance, explosive movement, mental clarity - the list of benefits goes on and on...

Pain reduction, deep sleep, better balance, explosive movement, mental clarity - the list of benefits goes on and on...

With a 100% guarantee, there is zero risk for you to try the full experience of the Encoder and Entrainer Drops now...simply put the Encoder on, add one or two Entrainer drops to your daily glass of water and you will immediately feel the benefits. Enjoy!