Superhuman Performance Encoder + Drops FAQ

What is the Encoder?

The Encoder is the world’s first piezoelectric vibratory-actuated performance enhancer for athletes, players of all sports, and people who just want to feel good all day long. It is designed to be worn on the wrist.

What’s the difference between the Encoder and other wristbands, necklaces, medallions or other devices?

Many such products are either hologram or magnet based. The Encoder is different. It is the first and only device to have adapted piezoelectric technology for the athletic and sports market.  The device is the culmination of complex biosonic repatterning in the area of sonic neurotechnology – which (translated) is the precise mechanical manipulation of soundwaves to bring about desired changes in the psyche and in the physical body. In essence, it involves the “sculpting of resonating frequencies” that directly affect human performance.

What’s the disc at the center of the Encoder?

The disc is a piezoelectric ceramic disc, which is a series of minute compressed quartz crystals arranged in a piezoelectric format. It contains a matrix of aerobic frequencies that support and enhance the efficiency and performance of the body’s organic systems.  This vibratory matrix influences the body’s biological, electrical, chemical and other physical systems resulting in increased functionality, coherence, structural integrity and other positive characteristics and benefits.

What does ‘Piezoelectric’ mean?

‘Piezo’ is derived from the Greek ‘piezo’ which means to squeeze or press. A material is deemed piezoelectric when it has this ability to transform electrical energy into mechanical strain energy, and to likewise transform mechanical strain energy into electrical charge. Often referred to as vibrational energy harvesters the Piezo ceramic discs convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. To understand piezoelectricity, you can also watch “What Is Piezoelectricity? Part 1” and  “What Is Piezoelectricity? Part 2“.

Is the Piezo disc safe?

The Encoder’s piezo ceramic disc is simply quartz crystal structure, which are as safe as any quartz crystal.  The Piezo disc is custom designed and manfactured by one of the world’s leading suppliers of Piezoelectric ceramic discs  – all of whose products are officially certified as safe for consumers.  The disc contains a matrix of frequencies for bio-tuning and optimizing the vibrational system of all organs throughout the body. Recent clinical studies have validated that the Encoder is 100% safe and free of any non-positive side effects. The studies revealed that the Encoder had an immediate effect on subjects tested to bring vibrational harmony throughout every organ resulting in significant improvement of the body to perform at an optimal level.

How does the Encoder affect energy flow?

The first thing that’s important to appreciate is that every fraction of a second during athletic performance and activities of daily living, the brain’s chemicals (called neurotransmitters) play the role in deciding to which parts of the human body to send energy. These are critical decisions, and they’re reached by means of a continuous flow of hundreds of thousands of electrical impulses or vibratory frequencies. So the Encoder  serves, almost like an antenna, to coordinate this system of frequency communication and overcome negative vibrational barriers that impede optimum athletic performance and help the system operate in vibrational harmony.

How does the Encoder work if it emits no audible sound?

Just because we can’t hear a frequency, it does not mean it doesn’t exist. Sound travels in waves through the air, the ground, and various other substances. Most sounds (outside the range of human hearing which is about 20 to 20,000 hertz) can’t be seen or heard, but can be felt by vibrations. The Encoder comprises both infra-sound (below 20 hertz) and ultrasound (above 20,000 Hertz) frequencies – none of which can be heard by the human ear, but can be heard by the body’s entire organ system (to understand, watch this video about “Making Sound Visible”).

How does the energy-harvesting Piezo disc in the Encoder serve to improve performance or make someone feel better?

The Encoder operates by harvesting external ultrasonic vibratory frequencies emanating from the kinetic movements of the human body or athlete, which are stored and re-distributed throughout your body.

What frequencies are in the Encoder to achieve peak performance?

There are over 100 aerobic frequencies layered into the Encoder. The key vibratory frequency is the 10Hz alpha brainwave. That 10Hz is core and common to each layer in this matrix of frequencies. 10 HZ is commonly referred to as a peak performance state of mind, or “The Zone”, where the body and mind are in a state of cohesion and focus.

What is the performance significance of the 10Hz Alpha wave imprinted into the Encoder?

Alpha brain waves are a sign of relaxed activity in your brain, and are defined as brain waves that cycle between the frequency 8 Hz – 12 Hz. This is known as “The Zone”. For example, there’s much published evidence showing that just before a golfer hits their best shot or a basketball player sinks a shot, alpha activity bursts in the left-hemisphere of their brain.  So, the best brain wave to entrain for peak performance is widely considered to be 10 Hz (10 cycles per second). It is that frequency that’s common to all the layers of the 100 frequencies embedded into the Encoder.

What negative vibrational obstacles that hamper optimum performance does the Encoder address?

As an example, each moment of each day,  we are being bombarded with vibrational frequencies that directly hamper the  goal of peak performance. First, there are the internal factors that affect the body’s performance – such as the chemicals in the food we eat, the liquids we drink and the pollution in the air we breathe.  Then there is a multitude of external influences that include, for example, cell phones, computers, microwaves and overhead power lines.  All those electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) can  disrupt or affect the integrity of the vibratory communication between our neurotransmitters, and as a result, can cause the body to be out of balance or in a state of dissonance.

How does the Encoder address such vibrational obstacles?

The Encoder has been imprinted with a  range of frequencies that counteract both the negative internal and negative external influences that can result from EMF wavelength interference.

Where can I find more of the science behind the Superhuman Performance Encoder?

Simply click here if you want more of the technical specifications and science.

How is the Encoder shipped?

We ship the Encoder from Scotland at an an insured flat rate anywhere in the world, in a highly protective and secure box with foam padding and full instructions.

How often should I wear my Encoder?

It is very important (particularly for athletic performance) that you wear your Encoder 24 hours a day. Over 100 frequencies are embedded into the Encoder to maintain your body in a state of harmonious balance. Therefore, sporadic or infrequent use of your Encoder can take you from arbitrary imbalance to balance, which is counterproductive and not recommended.

Should I sleep wearing my Encoder?

We recommend wearing your Encoder 24 hours per day, and most people find it causes deeper and more fulfilling sleep. Note that if you wish to take your Encoder off during sleep, you can place it under your pillow to continue to enjoy its benefits.

Is my Encoder water-proof?

Yes, and also scratch and dust proof. The technology is hermetically sealed inside the Encoder and is fully resistant to endure any water related activity. You should rinse the Encoder well after saltwater exposure.

Can I wear my Encoder anywhere on my body and achieve the the same benefits as I would by wearing it on the wrist?

The Encoder is designed to be worn around the wrist but it is equally effective if within a few inches of the body, and can be placed in a pants or shirt pocket. Our first prototype design was actually a necklace medallion, but beta-testing in athletes revealed that many athletes, especially cyclists and swimmers, did not want to have the Encoder hanging around their neck during exercise, so a wristband is far more compatible for these type of activities.

Can I wear my Encoder with jewelry, such as a bracelet or wristwatch, without affecting the intended functionality?


Can children wear the Encoder?

Yes. The frequencies imprinted into the Encoder’s piezoelectric disc can bring the body’s systems into a state of vibrational harmony and synergistic cohesion, regardless of age.

Do I ever need to recharge my Encoder?


Will my Encoder ever run out?

The Encoder comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and requires no batteries.

Does my Encoder have a power source?

Based on the principle of piezoelectricity, your Encoder is self-actuating and requires no independent or external power source.

It is “powered” by you, the wearer, and operates for as long as you are wearing it. It works like a pre-programmed tuning fork, resonating with and strengthening the vibratory information present within your body’s electromagnetic field.

Will an airport x-ray damage my Encoder?

No. However, you should avoid close proximity of your Encoder to industrial strength magnets, such as those found in an MRI machine.

Can the Encoder be worn with a pacemaker?

Yes. The Encoder has no magnets or other parts within it that would interfere with a pacemaker.

Can the Encoder be used during pregnancy?

Yes, the Encoder can be used during pregnancy with no harm. The Encoder is non-intrusive, and operates with the wearer to improve the efficiency of  natural body systems.

How do you know the Encoder is not just a placebo effect?

The third party clinical test conducted on the Encoder with subjects, using photoelectronic imaging equipment (GDV), demonstrated conclusively that this technology is not a placebo effect.

Will the Encoder prevent cancer or cure any medical ailment?

The Encoder is not a medical device. It is a non-invasive enhancer and coordinator of vibratory transmissions from and to the heart, brain and other major organs of the body’s systems. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical ailment, disease, or any other medical condition,  you should consult a licensed healthcare professional.

Are there any adverse effects I may feel when I first wear my Encoder?

The vast majority of Encoder owners experience immediate increased vitality, energy and well-being. However, depending on lifestyle, eating and drinking habits, some have compared the first few days to the experience of “detoxing” and have reported feeling uncomfortable, occasionally nauseous or strange. This is rare, but is more likely to occur if you are just now transition from a very unhealthy lifestyle, and is simply symptomatic of the body adjusting to the frequencies resonated by the Encoder. If you experience this type of discomfort, you can gradually get your body used to the Encoder by wearing it for a few hours a day at first and gradually increasing use by 2-3 hours per day until you get to 24 hours a day.

How long will it take before I notice the benefits of my Encoder?

The third party clinical test conducted on the Encoder with subjects using photoelectronic imaging equipment (GDV) demonstrates that its effects are immediate. Individual experiences may vary in the area of improved coordination and/or stamina and complete responses  in these areas may take up to several days.

Is there a money back guarantee on the Encoder?

Yes. We want you to be satisfied with your unique and exceptional product. Therefore, please check the conditions of the Lifetime Guarantee that accompanies the purchase of each Encoder. You can successfully activate your Lifetime Guarantee, on receipt of your Encoder, by using the instructions that will come with the Encoder to self-conduct muscle tests for balance, strength and flexibility with and without the Encoder. If you are unsatisfied with the results of any or all such tests, you may  return the Encoder for a full refund.

Does the Encoder’s silicone rubber wristband have any effect on its own?

No. It is the Encoder’s piezoelectric ceramic disc into which 100+ frequencies have been inducted that provides the actual benefits. The disc is located on the front side of the band, inside the oval section of the wristband (see photo at top of this page).

Is here an easy way to fasten the buttons on my Encoder?

Your Encoder’s buttons and the holes into which they insert have been specifically designed to withstand the rigors of physical activity, sports, weight training, etc. without detaching. We went through several design phases in which we put the wristbands on a variety of Ironman triathletes, Crossfitters, etc. to ensure we finalized a design that would not fall off.

Before putting the Encoder over your wrist, select the two holes that best represent your wrist size, and insert each of the two buttons one at a time with maximum downward pressure wiggling the silicone band from side to side until the buttons pop into place.

Then take a firm grip with your thumb and forefinger over the two clasped buttons and pull over your hand onto your wrist. You will find that over time the two buttons and holes which you select will self-adjust – making them easier to insert without loss of fastening strength. If you want to further ensure the Encoder’s fastening integrity, place the two black rubber loops that accompany your Encoder directly over the inserted buttons.

Get the Superhuman Performance Encoder + Entrainer Drops now, and harness the power of piezoelectricity on your own body.


What are the Entrainer Drops?

The drops are pure spring water from Scotland that have been imprinted electronically with a matrix of frequencies that support and enhance the efficiency and performance of the body’s organic systems.

What are the benefits?

Like the Superhuman Performance Encoder, the drops directly affect the body’s electrochemistry, resulting in improvements in movement function, balance, coherence, and structural integrity.

What  water is used in the Entrainer Drops and are there any additives?

The water used is pure natural Highland Spring water obtained straight from protected land in the Ochil Hills, Perthshire, Scotland – which is recognised by the UK Soil Association and certified as organic land.

How do the Entrainer Drops work?

There are 440,000 information panels in each cell of water.  The information panels of the contents of Entrainer Drops have been infused with a matrix of vibrational frequencies and each drop conveys the memory of its biosonic induction on a molecular level to every cell of the water that makes up to 90% of the human body. If you want to understand how water can actually have memory and contain information, please visit our Science page.

What frequencies are imprinted into the Entrainer Drops?

They are the identical matrix of over 100 aerobic frequencies with which the Superhuman Performance Encoder has been imprinted and act in synergy with the Encoder to enhance the benefits of both.

Can’t I just drink structured water?

While structured water does have enhanced hydrating properties, unlike the Entrainer Drops, it is not embedded with the same frequencies as those in the Encoder wristband – so there is no synergistic effect of the Encoder + Drops.

Since Entrainer Drops is a new product, is there not a lot more testing required?

The Entrainer Drops has actually evolved from over 20 years of scientific research, and are simply an innovative adaptation that conforms with and has applied the findings of several decades of scientific studies on the memory of water (see the Science page for more information on the memory of water)

Can you overcharge/stress the body by continuous use of the Entrainer Drops?

Quite the opposite! The vibratory composition of the Entrainer Drops counteract bodily stress caused by negative frequencies from pollution in the air we breathe, the food we eat and a host of external electrical interferences – all of which can cause imbalance and decreased efficiency of performance.

Where can I find more of the science behind the Entrainer Drops?

Simply click here if you want more of the technical specifications and science.

How are the Entrainer drops shipped?

We ship the drops, along with the Entrainer, from Scotland at an an insured flat rate anywhere in the world, in a highly protective and secure bubble wrap pouch with foam padding and full use instructions.

How do I use the Entrainer Drops?

Instructions that are on the label advise to drink 2-3 drops per day in any liquid.

Are Entrainer Drops dangerous for children?

No – they are simply enhanced water, and do nothing but enhance the efficiency of the electrical reception and transmission of frequencies between the heart and brain and other major organs of the body, regardless of age.

Are the Entrainer Drops illegal for use in any sports?

No, they are completely additive free and simply pure water.

Should I use the Entrainer Drops every day, or “cycle” their use on and off?

Up to 90% of your body is water, and since the Entrainer Drops work in tandem with the Encoder to keep your body in a state of  cohesion,  “cycling”  use on and off to move from balance to imbalance would serve no purpose. As per the instructions that are on the label, it is advised to drink  2-3 drops per day in any liquid.

Can I put the Entrainer Drops straight into my mouth or under my tongue, or do I need to ideally mix them with water?

Yes, you could put Entrainer Drops straight into your mouth or into water or any other drinking  liquid. However note that the instructions on the label are to shake the Entrainer Drops vigorously. The intense shaking of the bottle serves to enhance the vibratory energetics of the water and attempting to do so direct to the mouth may cause unnecessary waste of your product.

How should I store the Entrainer Drops?

Many users of Entrainer Drops carry the bottle with them for use during the day. You should avoid leaving the bottle in very hot sun and after use always ensure that you tightly screw the bottle’s cap.

Do the Entrainer Drops ever expire?

No. Like any other bottled spring water there is no expiry date.

What do I do if I run out of Entrainer drops?

When your first bottle Entrainer drops is getting close to being empty, we’ll send you a convenient reminder e-mail that easily allows you to order a 3 month refill supply.

Get the Superhuman Performance Encoder + Entrainer Drops now, and harness the power of piezoelectricity on your own body.


What Is The Lifetime Guarantee / Warranty?

The customer is given a lifetime guarantee that as direct result of wearing the Encoder the user will retain increased Balance and/or Flexibility and/or Strength.

Manufacturer Warranty

  • The customer is given a manufacturer’s warranty on the Encoder that covers the repair or replacement of defective parts for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty covers any inherent fault in the product but does not cover actions of misuse by the owner such as accidental damage or scratches that indicate the product has been physically abused.
  • Any Encoder under this warranty that requires replacement or repair must be returned in the first instance to the company from whom the customer purchased the product.

Lifetime Guarantee Condition

The Lifetime Guarantee provided to the customer as described on this page is dependent and strictly conditional upon the following:

  • The customer is required to evaluate any gain in balance or strength or flexibility by means of conducting the standard kinesiology tests that accompany the product.
  • Tests are required to be conducted within 7 days of receipt of the product
  • Registration for the Lifetime Guarantee can only be completed with acknowledgement that the tests have been conducted to the owner’s satisfaction.
  • If the customer does not return the product as per the conditions stated below in the Refund, Return & Cancellation policy, it will be assumed that the kinesiology tests have been conducted to the Owner’s satisfaction

Refund, Returns & Cancellation Policy

  • Merchandise can be returned for a refund or exchange for any reason within 30 days from ship date, provided that it has been duly registered.
  • The merchandise must be in its original packaging and both the Encoder and Entrainer Drops must be unused and undamaged to receive a refund or exchange
  • Refunds will be issued based on the original form of payment
  • We reserve the right to limit returns
  • Shipping expenses cannot be refunded

Get the Superhuman Performance Encoder + Entrainer Drops now, and harness the power of piezoelectricity on your own body.