Superhuman Performance Encoder & Entrainer Drops Science

Welcome to the science of the Superhuman Performance Encoder and Entrainer Drops. This page includes all the technical information, article links and videos you need to completely understand how the concept of piezoelectricity and structured water can enhance human performance and well-being.

Original Prototype Objective

The goal of the first prototypes of the Superhuman Performance Encoder was to harness and configure specific frequencies that would directly attune an athlete’s autonomic nervous system, achieving  a natural flow state akin to being in “The Zone”, or in clinical terms, a state of homeostasis.

The techniques necessary to achieve this objective requires knowledge of the Einstein/Planck Law, which states that an atom bombarded by an external energy source stores this energy and later releases this energy back in direct proportion to that received. In addition, this law means that each and every particle of a given mass has a natural frequency with which it is associated.

Particles that have a natural frequency connection with other particles are harmonically related by resonance and influence one another through the “Law of Coupled Oscillators” – creating what is known as a synchronization network.



The encoder relies upon the science of vibrations – and in physics, a Phonon is a mode of vibration occurring in a rigid crystal lattice such as the atomic lattice of a solid. In particular, the properties of long-wave length phonons give rise to sound in solids – hence, the name phonon from the Greek = voice.

Phonons are a quantum mechanical version of a special type of vibrational motion, known as normal modes in classical mechanics, in which each part of a lattice oscillates with the same frequency. A normal mode of an oscillating system is a pattern of motion in which all parts of the system move together with the same frequency: a perfect example of a coupled oscillators system in action.

Similar to the fundamental frequency of a wine glass or a vertebra of an autonomic nervous system, the frequencies of the normal modes of a system are known as its natural frequencies or resonant frequencies. Due to the connections between atoms, the displacement of one or more atoms from their equilibrium positions will give rise to a set of vibrational waves propagating through the lattice.

A standing wave is a continuous form of normal mode. In a standing wave, all the space elements are oscillating in the same frequency and in phase (reaching the equilibrium point together), but each has a different amplitude. When relating to music, normal modes of vibrating instruments (strings, air pipes, drums, etc.) are called “harmonics”.

The combination of acoustic vibrational waves and electromagnetic fields modulating together create phonon tunneling, scalar wave propagation and quantum harmonic oscillators as standing waves in the crystalline lattice structure of the Superhuman Performance Encoder’s piezoelectric ceramic disk.

This then creates permanent displacement of the atoms to align with the standing waves forming in the crystalline lattice,  through the quantum phonon effect. The form of these standing waves exactly duplicate the complex sound waves introduced and the electromagnetic modulation of these waves align the magnetic fields in the Encoder’s piezoelectric ceramic disk to the same shape as the acoustic waves.

When brought in contact with an athlete’s body, this new altered structure of the lattice (the Superhuman Performance Encoder disk) induces changes in brainwave function and autonomic nervous system function through its action as a coupled oscillator within the athlete’s body.

The result is a sustained synchronicity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic components of the autonomic nervous system into the state of homeostasis’commonly referred to by athletes as being in “The Zone”. The Superhuman Performance Encoder is well-designed to be worn for long periods of time, and has the subtle and long-term effect of a stabilizing influence on the autonomic nervous system, homeostasis and brain wave states.

Superhuman Encoder Drops


The Memory Of Water

The Entrainer Drops are comprised of pure water that has been formulated to strengthen the synchronicity derived from the Encoder wristband. Below, you can view 6 short videos on the Memory of Water, the basis on which the composition of the Entrainer Drops was formulated:

The Memory Of Water, Part 1 Of 6:

The Memory Of Water, Part 2 Of 6:

The Memory Of Water, Part 3 Of 6:

The Memory Of Water, Part 4 Of 6:

The Memory Of Water, Part 5 Of 6:

The Memory Of Water, Part 6 Of 6:


What Is Bio-Tuning?

The entire objective of wearing the Encoder and using the Entrainer drops is to “bio-tune” the body.  So what is bio-tuning? Watch this video to learn, and read the bullet points below:

  • Neuroscience and advanced computing technology have validated what Eastern Medicine has known for several thousand years, namely, each living organism has its own electromagnetic field or energy meridians.
  • Neuroscience has also established how the hundreds of billions of neurons in the brain’s nerve cells communicate with each organ in the body by means of synaptic transmission (frequencies) in highly organized neuronal networks.
  • Neuroscience has confirmed that the nervous system encodes information not in terms of the changes in amplitude of action potentials, but rather in their frequency.
  • Neuroscience studies have revealed that the greater the number of action potentials in a motor neuron, the greater will be the contraction of the muscle that receives a synaptic connection from that motor neuron. Engineers call this type of information coding “Pulse Frequency Modulation”.
  • The Encoder’s matrix of over 100 frequencies aimed at supporting Pulse Frequency Modulation, responsible for sophisticated tasks of the neuronal  biochemical machinery such as mediating reflexes, processing sensory information, generating locomotion and signals from the brain directing to which organs to send energy.

For further information on the critical role that  frequencies play on the electrical properties of interconnected neurons to endow nerve cells with the ability to process and transmit information and thereby achieve optimum athletic performance visit Neuroscience Online provided by the University of Texas Medical School, at


Clinical Test Of Superhuman Performance Encoder + Entrainer Drops

Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) has been used to perform a clinical test of the Superhuman Performance Encoder + Entrainer Drops, and uses a bioelectrographic  registered medical device that is implemented in 42 countries by research, medical facilities and universities.

The GDV camera is the first and most advanced comprehensive full body imaging device that measures the distribution of the energy level of biological objects. Based on the visual registration on photo film of gas discharge fluorescence detected on the surface of the investigated subject, placing it into a high intensity electromagnetic field.

Using sophisticated software, analysis is by means of non-linear mathematics and data-mining which reveals holes, gaps, and heterogeneities that are indicators of disturbances in the energy field. The ‘real time’ images decode the subject’s psychoemotional and physiological state pointing to disorders on mental, functional or organ levels, showing a direct link to the organs affected.

This video is a summary of the clinical GDV study performed by scientist Konstantin Korotkov. Dr. Korotkov is a leading world authority on Human Energy, Director of the St. Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture, Editor of the Journal of Consciousness and Physical Reality, Inventor of the Electrophotonics (GDV) instrument, Professor of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics , author of  7 books and holder of 15 patents on the Superhuman Performance Encoder + Entrainer Drops:


Encoder & Entrainer Science Videos

Here are other videos which you can view that delve into the science behind the Superhuman Performance Encoder and Entrainer Drops. Below each video, you can read bullet points that explain what you learn in each video.

1. Greg Braden

Scientist, Visionary and Best-selling Author

In this video, you will learn how The Superhuman Performance Encoder & Entrainer Drops

…undergo a biosonic induction process whereby over 60  frequencies are imprinted that serve to modulate the vibratory communication between the athlete’s heart and brain

…facilitate a heart-based connection with the athlete’s electromagnetic energy field or bio-field to insure his body, mind and spirit are operating in a state of ‘homeostasis’ or synergistic coherence

2. John Hagelin, Ph.D.

World-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace.

In this video, you will learn how The Superhuman Performance Encoder & Entrainer Drops

…contain pre-programmed wave functions that facilitate athletes to access the non material “unified field of energy”

…possess a specific harmonic structure designed to  specifically coordinate and harmonize the waves of vibration of which we are all composed

3. Lynne McTaggart

Journalist, Pioneer researcher into quantum mechanics, Best-selling author

In this video, you will learn how The Superhuman Performance Encoder & Entrainer Drops

…serve to modulate and synergize the frequencies by which cells communicate with each other

…serve on a molecular level as a vibratory bridge between an athlete’s physical energy field  and the ’empty space’ of the “Zero Point Field…that unimaginably large ocean of energy”

4. Bruce Lipton

Stem cell biologist, bestselling author, Recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award , Guest speaker 100’s of TV and radio shows

His research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine presaged the science of Epigenetics

In this video, you will learn how The Superhuman Performance Encoder & Entrainer Drops

…use a matrix of selected vibratory frequencies to access the invisible field that gives “shape to the matter” IE an athlete’s physical performance

5. Professor William Tiller

Fellow to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Professor Emeritus Stanford University,  Published over 250 conventional scientific papers, Author of 3 books and holds several patents

In this video, you will learn how The Superhuman Performance Encoder & Entrainer Drops

…facilitate an athlete to access the “higher free energy state which drives all processes in the body”

…are state-of-the-art biosonic tools hat can empower the public to become adepts, athletes to move “Chi” or magnetoelectric energy which the human biofied builds around each athlete

6. Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Recipient of many awards including Presidential Medal of Freedom, USN Distinguished Medal, NASA Group Achievement, Inducted Space Hall of Fame, Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, Founded Institute of    Noetic Sciences

In this video, you will learn how The Superhuman Performance Encoder & Entrainer Drops

…are programmed with frequencies that act in resonance with the vibratory flow of energy to create energetic cohesion throughout the body

….act in synergy to encode the electromagnetic field surrounding the body to synchronize and improve the efficency of electrical signal communication between cells

7. David Icke

Former Professional Soccer player, Journalist, network anchorman with the BBC, Spokesman  for the British Green Party, Author of 16 books

In this video, you will learn how The Superhuman Performance Encoder & Entrainer Drops

…modulate how the vibrational state of an athlete’s energy manifest so that the athlete’s “genetic spacesuit”, his body, is bio-tuned for optimum performance

…are catalysts to connect the respective Chakra ranges of  frequencies so that they each resonate harmoniously with each other resulting in a state of synergistic coherence for the athlete

8. John Stuart Reid

Acoustic pioneer , Co-inventor of the CymaScope…World’s first commercial instrument to render sound visible

In this video, you will learn how The Superhuman Performance Encoder & Entrainer Drops

…are bio-tuning micro-architectures that correspond to the discoveries and principles underlying the Science of Cymatics

9. Dr Mitchell Gaynor

Board certified medical oncologist, internist and hematologist, Clinical Professor Medicine at  Weill-Medical College, Cornell University, Former Medical Director oncology, Weill-Cornell Center Integrative Medicine, Served on Executive Review Panel, Department of Defense, Consecutively listed in Best Doctors in New York since 1997, Featured in New York Times, USA Today, Newsday, New York Pos, Extensive appearances on television and radio, Best selling author of four books and a CD

In this video, you will learn how The Superhuman Performance Encoder & Entrainer Drops

…are encoded with over 60 frequencies that include the tones of Tibetan singing bowls

10. Institute of HeartMath

Internationally recognized nonprofit research & education organization, Dedicated to help reduce stress, self-regulate emotions & build energy, Offers tools, technology & training to combine heart intelligence & mind

In this video, you will learn how The Superhuman Performance Encoder & Entrainer Drops

…serve to modulate and harmonize vibratory wave patterns exchanged between the heart and brain as they communicate each moment of each day.