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What are the Entrainer Drops?

The drops are pure spring water from Scotland that have been imprinted electronically with a matrix of frequencies that support and enhance the efficiency and performance of the body’s organic systems.

What are the benefits?

Like the Superhuman Performance Encoder, the drops directly affect the body’s electrochemistry, resulting in improvements in movement function, balance, coherence, and structural integrity.

What  water is used in the Entrainer Drops and are there any additives?

The water used is pure natural Highland Spring water obtained straight from protected land in the Ochil Hills, Perthshire, Scotland – which is recognised by the UK Soil Association and certified as organic land.

How do the Entrainer Drops work?

There are 440,000 information panels in each cell of water.  The information panels of the contents of Entrainer Drops have been infused with a matrix of vibrational frequencies and each drop conveys the memory of its biosonic induction on a molecular level to every cell of the water that makes up to 90% of the human body. If you want to understand how water can actually have memory and contain information, please visit our Science page.

What frequencies are imprinted into the Entrainer Drops?

They are the identical matrix of over 100 aerobic frequencies with which the Superhuman Performance Encoder has been imprinted and act in synergy with the Encoder to enhance the benefits of both.

Can’t I just drink structured water?

While structured water does have enhanced hydrating properties, unlike the Entrainer Drops, it is not embedded with the same frequencies as those in the Encoder wristband – so there is no synergistic effect of the Encoder + Drops.

Since Entrainer Drops is a new product, is there not a lot more testing required?

The Entrainer Drops has actually evolved from over 20 years of scientific research, and are simply an innovative adaptation that conforms with and has applied the findings of several decades of scientific studies on the memory of water (see the Science page for more information on the memory of water)

Can you overcharge/stress the body by continuous use of the Entrainer Drops?

Quite the opposite! The vibratory composition of the Entrainer Drops counteract bodily stress caused by negative frequencies from pollution in the air we breathe, the food we eat and a host of external electrical interferences – all of which can cause imbalance and decreased efficiency of performance.

Where can I find more of the science behind the Entrainer Drops?

Simply click here if you want more of the technical specifications and science.

How are the Entrainer drops shipped?

We ship the drops, along with the Entrainer, from Scotland at an an insured flat rate anywhere in the world, in a highly protective and secure box with foam padding and full use instructions.

How do I use the Entrainer Drops?

Instructions that are on the label advise to drink 2-3 drops per day in any liquid.

Are Entrainer Drops dangerous for children?

No – they are simply enhanced water, and do nothing but enhance the efficiency of the electrical reception and transmission of frequencies between the heart and brain and other major organs of the body, regardless of age.

Are the Entrainer Drops illegal for use in any sports?

No, they are completely additive free and simply pure water.

Should I use the Entrainer Drops every day, or “cycle” their use on and off?

Up to 90% of your body is water, and since the Entrainer Drops work in tandem with the Encoder to keep your body in a state of  cohesion,  “cycling”  use on and off to move from balance to imbalance would serve no purpose. As per the instructions that are on the label, it is advised to drink  2-3 drops per day in any liquid.

Can I put the Entrainer Drops straight into my mouth or under my tongue, or do I need to ideally mix them with water?

Yes, you could put Entrainer Drops straight into your mouth or into water or any other drinking  liquid. However note that the instructions on the label are to shake the Entrainer Drops vigorously. The intense shaking of the bottle serves to enhance the vibratory energetics of the water and attempting to do so direct to the mouth may cause unnecessary waste of your product.

How should I store the Entrainer Drops?

Many users of Entrainer Drops carry the bottle with them for use during the day. You should avoid leaving the bottle in very hot sun and after use always ensure that you tightly screw the bottle’s cap.

Do the Entrainer Drops ever expire?

No. Like any other bottled spring water there is no expiry date.

What is the 3 month refill program?

We’ll conveniently send you your brand new 3 month refill of drops every 3 months,  and you don’t ever have to remember to re-order or hunt down more drops – we just send them straight to you!

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